Productivity hinges on getting things done, either physically or mentally. There are a few ingredients involved in completing a task. First is a desire or need to do the task, next, having a plan of action and, finally, execution of the plan. This can all happen in a split second or it can take days, months, or years depending on what needs to get done. Internal and/or external obstacles can easily infringe on and delay action at any stage and cause a person to linger or procrastinate.

Mental obstacles can feel so real that they can just stop us cold from reaching our goals through inaction. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich boldly proclaimed that one must clear out the, “unholy trio of fear, doubt, and indecision” in order to grow. This trio is the nemesis of forward movement, especially when they are found together, which is usually the case. Byron Katie, author of The Work says that “thoughts are like raindrops” which just keep falling like rain. Positive thoughts, negative thoughts, and everything in between. We sometimes choose to grab on to a self-defeating thought and believe that it’s true, no matter how self-sabotaging and false it really is. Her methodology of getting back on course is by asking four questions and then introducing a turn-around. There are also real, tangible obstacles which need to be handled.

In any case, repeating the phrase, “Do it NoW and you’ve WoN!®” as well as “OwN it NoW and you’ve WoN!®” can be quite helpful in the process of eliminating obstacles. Why? Because n-o-w spelled backwards is w-o-n. This means that by doing things right now, taking action, or living in the ‘now’, changing a stuck mindset through repetition of a mantra, automatically makes you win because there is a direct relationship between doing things right away, without hesitation or procrastination, and accomplishing that goal or completing that task. Tony Robbins says, “the longer you wait, the longer the crisis will be”.

It all starts in thought and then speech and then action. Same idea applies with taking ownership, or Extreme Ownership as authors Jocko Willink and Leif Babin put it, over a situation and coming out a winner on the other side. It’s a big-picture concept that connects immediate action with positive results.

Repeating either phrase when you’re stuck or inundated with doubts, indecision, or fear can help bring clarity to the confusion and clear the path to get on with that next step in the process.

Do it Now and you’ve Won!®