Customer Service

The Cost Of A Bad Hire Can Be Huge

The Customer Service Profile (CSP) measures how well a person fits specific customer service jobs in your organization. The CSP also looks at what your current and future employees believe is a high level of customer service, while at the same time showing where they align (or not) with the company’s perspective. This information is vital for staffing in the hospitality, health Care, retail and financial services industries.

Given the opportunity to land a new job or to be promoted, people may tell you what you want to hear instead of the truth. The cost of a bad hire that is customer-facing is very high considering the potential damage to the organization’s reputation.

The CSP gives you an objective, inside look at the behaviors and motives of customer service job candidates to help you make better hiring, promotion and organizational decisions. Giving this information to managers helps them be more effective and get the very most from their people. As an HR staffing tool, the CSP can have a tremendous impact on successful employee placement.

Prior to assessing candidates, our experts help you develop peak performance models for your customer service jobs in multiple questions that you will use to compare job candidates against. The assessment does not need to be monitored, so the candidate can take it from any computer with Internet access. The system instantly scores the assessment and informs the hiring managers where they can access the results.

Customer Service Profile

Every CSP Assessment Provides Three Informative Reports For Each Industry Requested.

You can view or download these reports below.

“Start with good people who are right for the job; train and motivate them; give them opportunity to advance; and your organization will succeed.”
– J.W. Marriott

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