PXT Select™ Assessments

PXT Select™ goes beyond the hiring process and helps you shape the overall employee experience.

PXT Select™ gives you the ability to capture, distill, and utilize an organization’s traits of success. This can produce lower costs, decrease employee turnover, increase retention, create higher efficiency, improve communications, and foster a culture of happier, more engaged and productive employees.

Candidates take a multiple-choice, online assessment that takes about an hour to complete. It provides the hiring manager with insight into a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and interests.

The results help you see how well candidates are likely to understand the relationships between concepts, solve problems, draw conclusions, make predictions, and harness what they know to communicate and interact with others.

A candidate’s results will consist of measurements for Verbal Skills, Verbal Reasoning, Numeric Ability and Numeric Reasoning, plus a composite score based on those measurements. Their scores are compared against a Performance Model of the preferred traits for a given job. Results can be viewed and compared in any of the numerous reports available (download report examples below).

Multiple Candidates Report
(multiple candidates, one position)

This report is used to compare multiple candidates applying for one position. It shows all candidates’ results in graph form on a single Performance Model so it’s easy to see which candidate is likely to be the best fit for the job.

One Assessment Gives Access To A Full Suite Of Reports.

You can view or download 8 of the 13 available reports below.

Comprehensive Selection Report
(one person, one position)

Coaching Report
(one person, one position)

Manager – Employee Report
(one manager, one employee)

Leadership Report
(one person)

Multiple Positions Report
(one person, multiple positions)

Team Report
(multiple people)

Sales Comprehensive Selection Report
(one person, one position)

Sales Coaching Report
(one person, one position)