Work Related Values

Step One Survey II® Solves a Vital Business Problem

SOS II is a brief pre-hire assessment that measures an individual’s basic work-related values. It is used primarily as a screening tool early in the candidate selection process.
This assessment provides valid insight into an applicant’s work ethic, reliability, integrity, propensity for substance abuse, and attitudes toward theft; including property, data and time. For HR recruiting agencies and employers, this employment tool helps determine who will be the best employee for available positions.

Why assess employees with SOS II?
It’s a startling fact – employee theft and fraud averages $9.00 a day per employee! That’s about $2,000 per employee subtracted from your bottom line every year. While all employees have opportunities to steal, an employer’s risk increases as people advance to upper levels of responsibility. High ranking executives have been known to embezzle tens of thousands – even millions of dollars. Could there be a better reason to hire people worthy of your trust?

S0S II helps organizations reduce hiring risk in a quick and cost effective manner. It is a scientifically designed assessment tool that helps answer these questions:

  • “Can this applicant be trusted?”
  • “Is this applicant drug free?”
  • “Is this applicant dependable?”
  • “Will this applicant be a long-term, hard-working employee?”

In many organizations no one is hired for any job or position until after they have completed this survey. It is the first screen that all applicants must pass before proceeding in the hiring process.

Step One Survey II helps eliminate these profit-stealing behaviors:

• Unexcused absences
• Tardiness
• Sub-par job performance
• Unauthorized use of the Internet
• Using company e-mail for personal use
• Disclosing restricted computer data
• Clocking in or out for other employees
• Revealing confidential info/trade secrets

• Drug use
• Sub-par job performance
• Carelessness
• Fraud
• Job hopping
• Inventory shrinkage
• Theft of office supplies and other
company property


Did You Know?
  • 95% of employers are victims of theft.
  • 17% of violent crimes occur in the workplace.
  • 30% of job applications contain false information.

Provides insight into work ethic, integrity & propensity towards drug abuse or theft.

You can view or download two example reports below.

Work Related Values

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